Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alarming Developments Reveal Obama’s Iran Strategy

I was preparing a long post about strategic options on the question of Iranian nuclear weapons when events caught me up, specifically a spate of news and opinion pieces which have come on the heels of last Wednesday’s meeting between Under Secretary of State William Burns and Iran’s chief negotiator at the Geneva IAEA talks. First there was this piece by Juan Coles, which basically argues that Iran is not so bad and a nuclear-armed can be contained Kennan-style, as the Soviet Union was “contained” during the Cold War. Never mind that containment spawned a titanic arms race, elevated the Soviet Union to super-power status with all the concomitant red-fingers-in-pies which helped make the developing world so miserable, and nearly got us all killed on at least three occasions. Coles’ article has since been linked and promoted on several O-bot blogs as received wisdom. The second was this item from China’s Xinhua news agency about Mohammad El Baradei’s comments about Israel made while on a visit to Tehran. Lastly the Boston Globe informs us that Hillary Clinton’s State Department has cut off funding for the watchdog Iran Human Rights Documentation Center.

Obama is planning a Munich-style sellout.

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