Saturday, November 14, 2009

Typical... It's all about Me, the One, Barack Obama, the exceptional president of that unexceptional (but fundamentally evil) republic called the United States of America. I must be loved and admired by all, especially by hereditary monarchs. I must make amends for the iniquities done by my country, such sins as the conquest of Japan and the toppling of that ancient and innocent realm's god kings to the status of mere mortals. Thus I bend, I genuflect, I kow the deepest of tows to show that I, alone among presidents, acknowledge divinity when I meet it.

Well, you may be ashamed of your country, Mr. Obama, but I and millions more like me are not. Nor are the spirits of our warriors, enshrined in their multitudes in the hearts of their countrymen. When you took on the Oath last January you were obliged to represent them and us, not your cheap, platitudinous, incompetent, dithering, power-grubbing self.

Perhaps you think this country is unexceptional, but we know you to be exceptional by the speed of your decline. You're headed for a one-term presidency, Mr. Obama. You'd better start organizing a legacy.